Children's Dental Clinic
of Jackson County
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Current statistics

From January 2010 to January 2011 the clinic saw over 350 Jackson County Children whose oral health problems would have gone untreated without our services. Fifty volunteer dentists and seventeen volunteer hygienists and hygiene students provided over $347,000.00 worth of free dental care. The services they received ranged from simple amalgam and resin fillings to oral surgery and preventative care.

Funding and Expenses

During the early years, the clinic was funded solely by the Medford Kiwanis Club. Since the late 1970’s when that organization was no longer able to meet all our financial needs, the clinic looked to the community for support from private donations, foundations and service clubs.

Last year each child seen at the clinic received an average of $867.00 in free dental care at a cost to the clinic of $73.00 per appointment.


The Children’s Dental clinic is staffed by three paid dental assistants, and one part-time hygienist. There are 49 volunteer dentists and dental specialists who provide dental care for needy children, as well as several volunteer hygienists and hygiene students providing cleanings, fluoride treatments, and home care instructions.


Though its beginning was meager, its objective was mighty. The clinic started in 1957, using a loaned trailer and relying on professionals in the community to volunteer their time and skills.

Today, 53 years later, the effort continues. The facility, the funding sources and the people have changed many times in the past four decades, but the objective has not.

Over 23,000 children have been cared for in the clinic over the past 50+ years. These are children whose families cannot afford dentistry and who do not qualify for such programs as the Oregon Health Plan. To financially qualify for the clinic’s services, the family’s income level needs to be in the following category:

Number of Family Members

Monthly Income

Annual Income






















The above figures are not only criteria in determining eligibility. A family’s income may be above the established maximum level yet other hardships such as head-of-household’s illness, high medical expenses, or a family’s size may cause undue financial strain. When families face financial strain, needed dental care is placed low on the priority list. The Children’s Dental Clinic considers each family individually and places a high priority on helping the families with the greatest needs.

Our new facility has five treatment rooms (two more than we had at RVMC) allowing us to expand our operations by having two volunteer dentists providing care at one time!

Please direct any questions about the Children’s Dental Clinic to Deb Silva, Clinical Director, at (541) 789-4249

Updated on 03/16/2011


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